5 things to consider before hiring a photo booth

2021 24 August

              5 things to consider before hiring a photo booth

Photo booths can be a fantastic way to capture memories.


If you preserve memories from an event you hosted or attended, they’re truly a timeless souvenir.


Photo booths also are a great way to bring people together and have fun.


At Sydney Photo Booths 4u, we offer a range of photo booth hire to choose from.


But before you delve into looking for one, it’s important to know what to look for when hiring one first.


1.   Budget

You can’t just go out and hire a photo booth without knowing your proper budget first! Whether you’re having a wedding, engagement party, milestone celebration or anything else, it’s essential to consider your budget.


If you really want to have one at your event, you have to allocate money aside for it. When it comes to the photo booth, you will want to factor in costs such as the hire, photographer (if required), prints, footage, and any needed props. Remember that your budget may be higher if the photos are taken on a DSLR than a standard iPad or iPhone.


Our goal at Sydney Photobooths 4U is to provide premium, luxury, affordable photo booth hire of the sleek, pristine, next generation Mirror X booth for your special event.

Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, celebration, or corporate event, our photo booths cater for all and will bring entertainment, amusement and sophistication, making your Sydney event memorable.

With the added red carpet runway your guests will be lining up to share in the magical Hollywood experience.

Our Photo booths are highly sought after and photo booth hire is affordably priced for all event types.



2.   Type of photo booth

There are mainly two types of photo booth hire that occur at events nowadays. The first is an open-air photo booth, and the second is an enclosed photo booth.


If you’re looking for a photo booth with a bit more privacy and everyone to cram inside, then you should opt for an enclosed photo booth. On the contrary, if you’re looking for ones that are more spacious and healthier (i.e. social distancing), then you might want to opt for an open-air photo booth.


We at Sydney Photobobooths 4u offer the Mirror X Booth, the latest in technological advancement in the Photo booth industry. Incredible WOW factor with a breathtaking, 6 feet tall, 70” of all-mirror design; Pristine studio image quality with tempered glass and an all-aluminum body, built-in lighting and sound.


3.   Included

When looking to get a photobooth for your event, you will want to know what’s included. Some companies offer additional items included, like props, guestbooks, prints and much more.


In contrast, others charge for each add on. Some companies even allow you to hire their photo booths, but the photos you get have their branding on, and you have to pay extra to remove their brand. So be careful about which photo booth company you pick.


4.   Look at their company profile

Take your time looking at the company’s profile of the photo booth you’re interested in. It’s a good idea to look at their website and social media so you can have an idea of how their photo booth looks at certain events.


You might even want to look at tagged photos to see how their photo booths look from a non-professional perspective. Finally, you will want to ensure that the content they put online is high quality. If it’s of high quality, it will show they care about their audience and the impressions they make.


5.   Reviews

Just like any product, you should always check the reviews and testimonials of the photo booth hire you’re interested in. Be careful that some reviews could be fake, and they could have paid for people to review on their behalf.


Most of the time, the reviews on Facebook tend to be genuine as they’re linked to real Facebook accounts. It’s also important to look at the negative reviews and see how the company responds to them. Keep in mind, smaller companies will usually have less reviews than larger companies that opt for paying for reviews.


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