7 reasons why you need to have a photobooth at your next event

2021 21 March

Our photo-crazed generation has been uploading 95 million photos on average on Instagram and creating about 3 billion snaps on Snapchat every day, which we repeat every day.

There’s lots of staggering data out there showing how humans, with the appropriate tools in our hand (the smartphone) we love clicking pictures and sharing them.

Yes, we are obsessed with taking pictures of not just places, landscapes, people and pets, but of ourselves – the selfies! That especially applies to all of us here in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

So, now let’s focus on the core issue: why photobooth? Why photobooth when we have so many photo apps and sharing apps and social media where we can plaster our photos every second.

We have come a long way from the analogue cameras that required a film roll to take pictures. In case you weren’t around back then, you could only check the photos after you had finished the entire roll.

Then you’d have to take it to a photo-developing shop and wait a while to check out those pictures finally. Digital cameras revolutionized photography, and now you can check out the images instantly, airbrush them, photoshop them and alter them as you please. A photobooth does even better.

It fuses both digital technology and print photography features and delivers photographs that you can actually touch, feel, and crumple.

A photobooth is a fun machine that allows you to take pictures, capture a specific moment in time, alone or with others. And most importantly, when your session is over at the photobooth, you get actual prints of your photos.

These are not images behind the screen but the ones you can hold in your hands and pass them around and leave them back at your house. Also, having a photobooth at an event can be an excellent addition to the party ambience so that everyone can leave the place with a photographic souvenir.

So, suppose you’re wondering whether to have a photobooth or not to have a photobooth. In that case, we say make an informed decision after carefully considering the 7 fantastic reasons to have a photobooth below.

7 Reasons why you must have a photobooth

1. Screenless photos
Take a deep breath as we reveal this phenomenon to the smartphone savvy generation…

Yes, you can have actual prints of the photos. These are still images, and sadly you cannot swipe left or right to look at other pictures.

To look at other pictures, you need to have other pictures.

Is it too confusing?

These photos do not need a screen; you can touch them, rip them to tiny pieces, and best of all, you can leave them at your house and not have a panic attack.

2. Old school vibe
Ask your parents and even grandparents about print photos, and they might have a stack of them somewhere, carefully inserted into transparent sleeves in a book-like thing called a photo album.

And if you show them the photos you’ve got from a photobooth, they will immediately understand what’s happening. These photos give an old school vibe that got sidelined thanks to digital cameras, social media platforms and smartphones.

3. Touch up, add-ons, props
What your parents may not understand in those printed photos is how you got those flower crowns, shuttered shades, sparkles, stars, moustache, and any filters that you have picked for your photo session.

The photobooth screen has various features (red filter) like brightening the image, changing hairstyle and colour, multiple background options, and many more. Photobooth is a fusion of old school photography with new-age features. Now, if that isn’t a fancy reason to have a photobooth, what is?

4. Strike a pose
This could be the most important reason to choose a photobooth. Your hands are free, absolutely free. You don’t have to hold a camera or the mighty selfie stick. You can just walk in, adjust the setting, add some filter and props, press some well labelled buttons, and you are good to go: strike that pose and wave your hands as free as you wish.

5. Best 60 seconds of your life
You have paid for your moment in the photo booth, and based on the price-setting, you will get to pose for a certain number of exposures. You get in, choose some settings you want in your pictures, and have the best fun time posing and checking out the photographic outcome.

You can also alter the images and choose which ones to keep and discard the rest. The time inside will definitely be one of the best captured 60 seconds with photographic evidence.

6. Goofy goodness
On top of all the photobooth features, you can bring your personal goofy-best and enhance the pictures even more. Once you enter the booth alone or with friends, the goofiness captured in the images will be priceless. So when you’re in there, yes, you will try to look your best, but that space allows you to be as goofy as you want and strike your craziest pose.

7. Memories you can hang
The final reason (for now) is that you can have these pictures printed in different sizes. And at home, you can hang it anywhere, stick it to your mirror, use fridge magnets and hang it on the fridge door.

You can display the pictures around your house or in your car and laugh every time you look at them while reminiscing about that pleasant moment. Photobooths give you memories you can hang and display.

Photos are a unique way to time travel and freeze a moment in time, which is why there are various apps for smartphones and platforms to share these pictures.

On the other hand, photobooth gives you a unique opportunity to have real print photos with the most features available in the apps. Having a photobooth on your special day, say wedding, gives your guests a tangible photographic memory they can take home. Photobooth can be an attractive accessory for any fun event as it allows the participants to have a fun-filled experience.

So, if you plan on throwing an event that you want people to remember for a very long time, get a photobooth and give your guests a memory they can carry home.