8 benefits of a photobooth at a fundraiser

2021 27 June

Are you throwing or thinking about hosting a fundraiser for your office or personal feat?

If so, then well done to you! It’s an exciting initiative to take that’s rewarding in the long run.

But fundraisers are events that shouldn’t be thrown lightly; in fact, they can be pretty stressful with all that meticulous planning it takes to go off without a hitch.

A good sign of a successful fundraiser is a lot of money raised for your chosen charity and your guests having a good time.

But, apart from the free food, drink and schmoozing, do you know how you can set your fundraiser apart from everyone else?

We’ll save you from guessing, we’ll tell you.

One of the best ways to have a fantastic fundraiser is by having a photo booth. At Sydney Photobooths 4u we feel there are a lot of benefits.

8 benefits of a photo booth at a fundraiser

1. It gives you lifelong memories to look at
Hosting a fundraiser is a magnificent accomplishment, and what better way of preserving that is through photos. Save the tedious effort of people getting their phones out or asking others to take photos from them with a photobooth. ‘

Your guests can line up and take photos one after the other, and you can jump in them too. A photo booth will allow you to look back on cool photos for years to come after the event and give you inspiration for future fundraisers.

2. It’s budget-friendly
Just think about your expenses for your fundraiser for a moment. Are you planning on hiring videographers or photographers? If so, these guys don’t come cheap. One alternative is having a photobooth, as it allows people to jump in quirky photos with props whenever they choose to.

Similarly, it stops your guests from becoming irritated by cameramen peering in with a big lens and flash when they don’t want a photo. Photo booths give guests the freedom to choose if they wish to have photos or not.

3. It’s a different activity to do
How many fundraisers have you attended in the past? Sometimes fundraisers can become quite mundane and boring. They often tend to be the same with random small talk, drinks, auctions and dining.

What’s excellent about photobooth is that they’re not always at fundraising events. Therefore they give guests a different activity to do and something to provide them with a tiny element of excitement to break up the boring part of a fundraiser.

4. May help you raise more money
Fundraisers are all about your guests having fun, hence the name. The general idea is the more fun they have, the likelihood they will want to donate more money.

Photobooths can spark a lot of fun because you can have different styles. Some have different colours, backdrops and you can even get ones with funny props.

After a while, it can become fun to gather with props posing for photos. Plus, once your guests receive their photos immediately after, it’s more than likely they will feel satisfied. If your guests are satisfied and in a positive mood, they will likely want to donate money or feel open to donations.
5. Higher chance of networking
Fundraising events don’t have to be strictly limited to the groups people arrive in. There are probably so many cool people with insightful stories to share that fit the theme of your fundraiser.

Similarly, so many new relationships can be made from your event. But we know, unless alcohol is involved or you have a lot of confidence, it can be challenging to break the ice.

If you choose to have a photo booth at your fundraiser, it will give people an excellent opportunity to socialize. You never know when they are queuing up and getting a photo; they might start talking to other people in line. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to become acquainted with each other and chat, building new bonds.

6.It can be a take-home gift from your fundraiser
Do you want your fundraiser event to be the hottest in town? If so, you will want the guests to be happy and leave feeling on cloud nine. Often at fundraisers gets to look for something as a keepsake that’s free from the event. That could be food, gift bag, merchandise or anything else.

Photobooths help save you money as they can take home the photo booth after the event, which will allow them to talk about your event for long after! Similarly, it will help them remember the event and help spread your great fundraising reputation by mouth.

7. It could be an additional way to raise funds
Have you ever used a photobooth before? If so, you might be aware that some photo booths charge $3-5 per session. That’s to take into account for the printing and of course the profit.

While some events have photobooths for free, you could charge guests money to use it. This time except taking the profit, you can use the profits made from the photo booth to go to your chosen charity. Who knew taking photos could give off an altruistic feeling?
8. You could market your company
Are you throwing your fundraiser on behalf of your company? If so, while the cause might be good for charity, it could help you sneakily market your company.

You could get your company logo put in the bottom corner of every photo that’s printed. Not only will photos preserve memories and allow guests to keep them long after your fundraiser, but they will also serve as a constant reminder of your company.

Final thoughts
At Sydney Photobooths 4u we feel having a photo booth at a fundraiser can bring lots of diversity to your event. It adds something new to do instead of listening to speeches, music, auctions and eating food.

Depending on how you choose to use the photobooth, you could make more money towards your chosen charity plus get your fundraiser talked about.

Photobooths serve as an excellent icebreaker for guests to network and allow for a free souvenir for them to keep after the event. Similarly, they will help your guests remember your name and company name for some time.