8 ways to make memories with a wedding photobooth

2021 14 July

Out of many major milestones in our lives, it’s only weddings and funerals that tend to really unite people.

It’s true; just think about the last time you saw a distant relative or several childhood friends? It’s most likely you’ve seen them at one of the two events.

Today, we’re not going to talk about the morbid event of a funeral; instead, we’re going to provide you with a great insight into weddings and how to make them that extra bit special with your loved ones.

To help you do this, we’re going to cover the benefits of wedding photo booth hire from Sydney Photobooths 4u and how it can create some magical moments at your or anyone else’s wedding.

How to make memories with a wedding photobooth
Getting the perfect click can help you treasure your life and make memories that will last for a long time. It can get time consuming to take the right photo with a mobile camera or using a photographer. To help add some quirky moments to your wedding, you can do the following with a wedding photobooth:

Use props
While there are many different types of wedding photo booths out there, you might want to add some variation to your photos and add props to each scene. At Wedding photo booth, hire Sydney; we can supply such props for you, or you can add your own.

After all, while you may look dashing in formals, sometimes props can add some unique elements to each photo. For example, you can get bright wigs for your photos, quirky glasses or even signs. These types of funny props can unite people even if they’re acquaintances at your wedding and can get many conversations going.

Ask for random photos
Weddings are a great place to connect and make memories. If you’re standing in a queue for a photo, ask some strangers attending the wedding to join for a pic. It can be a great icebreaker, and once you’ve had a few drinks, you could really have some funny photos.

Go vintage
We all live in a world where digital devices are constantly evolving, and so is the fashion around us. Sometimes guests may look ravishing at a wedding with a stunning dress, suit or outfit; it can really capture the camera’s attention. Arguably, this can also stop other guests from looking good in photos as bold colours, and fancy patterns can steal the limelight.

So, in addition to your photographers, one great way is having black and white photos or sepia style images. This adds a vintage style to your wedding images and makes them look great.

For example, a consistent black and white photo will make everyone look great. Black and white photos just leave behind the forms and tones of an image. Many emotions can be evoked from black and white or vintage style photos that standard colour photos can’t.

1. Add print hashtag photobooth

Sometimes it’s cool to get involved with the current trends. One way of making good memories of your event is by getting a print hashtag photo booth. This is basically a photo booth that has a frame with a hashtag for your event. One of the common ones is an Instagram post with a cut out in the middle where your guests stand inside. Then the hashtag can be related to your wedding; it can be a great way to get your big day trending on social media.

Keep printouts
There are wedding photo booths that give you printouts immediately of your photo session. Such booths can provide you with memories where your guests can place in a scrapbook and write a message regarding attending your wedding. At the same time, your guests can get a copy and take it home to have a forever souvenir of your big day.

Get creative with backdrops
Sometimes great wedding photos are not just about the people in them, lighting or angles. In fact, a lot of interesting ones have stunning backdrops. With a wedding photo booth, you can get gorgeous backdrops like floral background, balloons, messages and much more.

Similarly, depending on the type of photo booth, you can get ones with a green screen and even choose the backdrop yourself. Having a different backdrop will leave your guests with memories to cherish for a long time and great photos to be hung up on their walls.

Use an open-air photobooth
You want your event to be remembered for a while, right, even after it’s finished? If you choose to have an open-air photo booth, it will get more people talking at your wedding. In particular, it gives a party vibe as other guests will be able to see others having fun and want to join in on the activity. Plus, it can allow large groups of your guests to pool together for a photo.

Use a GIF photo booth
Nowadays, it’s all about making memories and going viral online too. One way to let your guests flaunt their fun at your wedding is by using a GIF photo booth. These photobooths involve multiple photos being taken or a boomerang which is turned into a GIF.

Add a magic mirror photobooth
Let guests take control of their photos by using a magic mirror photo booth. This type of photo booth is a large mirror disguised as a camera. There are many different variations of this photo booth which can make it look like a sleek prop at your wedding. Guests can click on the mirror to take a photo or selfie and get it emailed straight to their phone after.

Final thoughts
Photobooths at weddings can add a lot of fun to any event; they can get guests talking and create many happy moments. There are various photo booths out there from vintage, GIFS, open, hashtag, magic mirror, glow motion, 180 degrees, 360 degrees and more.

Have a chat with us at Sydney Photobooths 4U to see which ones we offer might suit your big day. Photo booths add an extra element of excitement to your wedding and will definitely help you and your guests make memories that last forever.