9 reasons you need an engagement party photobooth

2021 28 July

Life is all about the awards we receive and the magnificent milestones we pass.


One milestone most of us experience is the excitement of engagement—the adrenaline between two passionate and dedicated lovers ready to spend the rest of their life together.


If you’re one of these people, you will agree with us just how special that intimate moment can be.


That moment of intimacy can bring positivity to the lives of many others, and it’s often best shared at an engagement party with your friends and family.


At Sydney Photobooths 4U we feel that positivity and memories like this should be captured through an engagement party photo booth.


Yes, an engagement photobooth should be one of the top priorities alongside the catering and attendance.


To help support this, today in this article, we’re going to present you with reasons why you should.


9 reasons you need an engagement party photobooth


1.   Document the event

Do you have a video or photo treasuring the special moment you two got engaged? If so, you will know how special it is. Equally special is the amount of people who have put their plans on hold to come and celebrate your special moment. That is truly a selfless act!


Plus, you should be honoured by all of the special people in your life. An engagement photo booth can truly help honour the special people as they can pool in the engagement photo booth frame allowing you to look back and have memories forever of all the special people who attended your engagement party. Plus, these photos will allow them to treasure your engagement forever years after it happened.

2. Helps with wedding invites

Engagement party photo booths can be a great way for you to get creative for you and your partner’s big day. Most of the time, with photobooths, you will receive a printed cutout or a digital one on a USB, CD, or digital file. You could print off the photos of the guests that have attended your engagement and add them to the invite alongside the message to give that extra personal touch. The same could be applied to a bachelor party or bachelorette party invites. This could really set you apart and make your invites memorable.


3. Gets guests familiar before wedding

Weddings are great, but the planning can make them a stressful and tiring experience. One difficulty many to be newlyweds face is the table arrangement. There’s always this debate of who to sit with, and it can be frustrating as there can always be some family feud or clash of personalities. A photo booth can help many of your guests interact when standing in the queue to use the photo booth, and you never know they could end up joining in for a photo too! Photo Booths could serve as a great icebreaker making it easier for your table arrangement plans.



4. Great souvenir there is no need for gift bags


Any big parties people attend like milestone birthdays, weddings and even engagements people often expect something in return like a souvenir. Many hosts splash out so much money on big party bags to all their guests.


No doubt, if you have a lot of people attending your engagement party, like at 40-70 people, that could cost at least $400 in souvenirs. If you think about it, using a photo booth is a practical solution to say thank you to guests attending your engagement. Once they’ve paused for a photo, they will receive a copy that they can take home also. W


5. Affordable instead of paying for photographer/videographer

Weddings can be a big hit on your bank balance; you have so many things to cover like the venue, catering, outfits, food, staff, and much more. There are just so many things to save for, and it’s no surprise that people take mortgages out to finance their wedding. If you’re hosting an engagement party close to a wedding, you will want to save as much money as possible. Therefore you might want to save the extra dollars on getting an engagement photographer and get your guests to use their phones and a photobooth. An engagement party photo booth will get them to socialize and get lots of photos together.


6.Your engagement will be the talk of the town

Depending on the type of photo booth you get, you could get your guests to take photos and upload them directly onto social media. Some photo booths are digital and require photos to be uploaded straight away with a hashtag. Who knows, your engagement could become trending and inspire many more engaged couples to have engagement parties like yours.


7. It adds an element of fun to your engagement party

Engagement parties need to have a good atmosphere, and what better way to add to the excitement than having an engagement photo booth. This photo booth will allow others to get creative, use props, take funny photos and be relaxed surrounding the event. You could even get a scrapbook and pens and get guests to write messages related to your engagement for you to treasure.


8. Removes boredom

Sometimes at engagement parties, people tend to get bored of eating, drinking, and listening to speeches. Going for photos in quirky photobooth can help bored guests pass the time and engage in a different activity.



9. Adds a personal touch

How many people are you planning on inviting to your engagement? It can be quite hard to see them all on the day or night if it’s a lot. If you have a photo booth, it can allow them to feel like you’ve thought about them by providing them with an interesting activity to do. The same goes for your guests if you aren’t fully free to talk to them completely, they will be able to pay their respects in writing.


Final thoughts

Engagement parties are special events that many family and friends attend. So much that it can be hard to document and get the guests involved on your own. Having an engagement photo booth can help guests mingle and interact before your big wedding day. It can serve as an icebreaker and enable less stress for your wedding planning. Plus, it can save you a lot of money on a photographer and add a good atmosphere to your party.


Overall, an engagement photo booth can make your event stand out from the crowd. If you’re interested in one, contact us at Sydney Photo Booths 4U, we’d be happy to answer your questions.