How to get the most out of your celebration with a photobooth

2020 19 April

In life, we all reach many milestones.

Whether it’s a baby shower, marriage, big birthday, engagement, a promotion or anything else, there’s plenty of them.
Not every milestone is the same, though; for instance, different people will be at certain celebrations, the food might be different, the outfits and even the memories.

But, if we don’t document these memories, our celebrations can all fade into one.

One great way of documenting these moments and preserving memories from celebrations for life is by taking photos.

Yes, capturing images from the occasion.

We know, you’re probably thinking, I already do this on my smartphone, camera or tablet, what’s new?

Well, while there are many filters available and it’s quick, we can assure you, you won’t be a good old photo booth.

Why have a photo booth at your celebration?

1.It can act as an icebreaker
While you may know all the guests at your celebration, it’s most likely others won’t. No doubt there will be times at your event where you won’t be able to introduce them to each other. You’re the star of the show, remember?

One great way of getting them to bond is by having a photobooth positioned at your event. This way, they will be invited in for photos with other guests they don’t know, serving as a great conversation starter.

Who knows, after they’ve met, their relationship could change from acquaintances to friends? What better way of documenting their first meet than with a photo booth from your event!

2.Use props
Nowadays, everyone can use different themes or filters on their mobile to look great. It’s so common it’s becoming too routine. Do you want to fit in or stand out?

They can remember you by having a photo booth and quirky props. When you get a photo booth, most likely, they will come along with props. You will get hats, glasses, wigs, outfits and more! Once you’ve had a couple of drinks, we can assure you this can get quite fun, and you can have some interesting photos.

3. Be encouraging with guests
It’s your event, right; you will want to make lots of memories? We know you’ll probably be busy a lot to always attend to your guests. But when you do have free time, you should be encouraged to get photos.

Grab a guest or two or even a group and bring them into the photo booth. This will be a good conversation starter, and you will get lots of photos to look back upon. After all, no one will want to go to a photo booth on their own.

4.Stick to theme
What’s the purpose of your event? Is there a specific theme like Christmas or valentines? If you’re holding your event to honour something, you may want to get decorations for your photo booth, which ties in well with the theme. For example, if it’s Christmas, you may wish to get a Santa Claus hat, reindeer ears, signs or anything else.

Likewise, if it’s a masquerade ball, you may want to get quirky masks for your photos. Alongside props, there is also themed backdrops which will undoubtedly add a bit more glamour to your photos. By simply having themed decorations and a backdrop, you will make your photos more interesting and stand out amongst others in your photo album.

5.Get a scrapbook!
Do you remember scrapbooks? In today’s world, scrapbooks are somewhat of a novelty. But by no means should they die out; they’re amazing. If you choose to have a photo booth at your celebration, you should most definitely have a scrapbook to accompany it.

When you have a photo booth, make sure you have the option to print off two strips of photos. Once the photos are taken, get your guests to tear them in half. One strip will be kept for them, and the other strip can go in the scrapbook.

When your guests place the strip in the scrapbook, they can have the option to add a personal message. That message will allow you to look back for years to come and interpret every guest experience about your event.

6.Employ a booth butler
If you choose to have a photo booth at your celebration, you will want everything to run without a hitch. One easy way of doing this is by hiring a booth butler.

This role involves someone overseeing the photobooth throughout your event. They will make sure there are no technical problems with the photo booth; everyone gets their turn and gives the guests instructions on how to pose and work the photo booth.

7.It’s a great form of entertainment
Take a moment to think about the type of event you’re hosting. What type of event is it? If it’s an event like a wedding or a party, many people will be up dancing, drinking and singing. However, we can’t say that will be the case for every guest.

There will be some guests who don’t like participating in any of these activities. Therefore having a photo booth will be a fantastic alternative for guests who don’t like to do this.

8.Save money on souvenirs
While a photo booth may cost some money to hire and operate at your celebration, it can be cost-effective. If you have a photo booth, you can cut out the gift bags, table presents or souvenirs for your guests.

Simply by letting your guests have their own printable photo booth remembrance, they will have something to remember your event.

9.Get a specific photo booth
Nowadays, there are many types of photo booths you can buy or rent for your event. Photo booths do not have to be digital; you can get ones with a cool backdrop.

Likewise, you can get digital ones with different effects that superimpose your guest’s faces onto animals. A specific photo booth will make your event fun, and different from other events guests have attended, which already had a photo booth.

Final Thoughts
At Sydney Photobooths 4U we believe that there are many benefits to having a photo booth at your celebration. If you’re looking to host an event in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, you will make it a memorable one if you have a photobooth.

Photobooths can allow guests to interact, serving as a great conversation starter. It gives them a form of entertainment in addition to the other things going on at your event. Likewise, it leaves them with a souvenir and also great memories for you to smile over.