How to use Photobooths in the post covid era

2021 21 October

COVID-19 was a disastrous pandemic that no one in the events industry predicted.

It caused many people concern, frustration, jobs lost and a lot of events to be cancelled!


You might have had your wedding, christening, birthday, anniversary or celebration cancelled or postponed as a result of this too.


While many lives were lost and lockdowns occurred, the world is slowly returning to the new normal.


This means many people like you are slowly hosting and having events again.


But, looking into an event, you might be concerned about hiring a photo booth due to hygiene rules. Don’t worry though, at photo booth hire Sydney for you, we ensure your hygiene, and personal safety remains our top priority. 


Why hire us for an event?

At Sydney photo booth hire the photo booths we provide allow for the following:


Social distancing

Photobooths at an event are not like how they used to be. You might be fearful of people queuing up, not having enough space, and many people piling in together into a photo booth. At Sydney Photo booth hire, we remove all of this and make sure any photo booth we put up at your event space, we provide proper social distancing that abides by the 2 metre rule in the queue. Moreover, we only allow a maximum of 2 people into the booth to make sure it’s safe for people to use.



With us, you don’t need to worry about regularly cleaning your photo booth alongside hiring cleaning staff for your main event. Between every guest that comes and uses the photo booth, we make sure they use sanitiser. Similarly, we make sure that our professionals fully clean the photo booth after each session.



While we ensure that everyone abides to the social distancing rule, we make sure that all guests are masked up when waiting. This means we try to limit the number of bacteria exchanged waiting for the photobooth and while the photo is being taken. We also limit your guests to having their masks off for short periods while their photos are taken.


Touchless photo booth

To ensure as little germs are as passed on as possible you might want to opt for one of a touchless photobooth. You can use photo booths and take photos from the tap of your fingers or have a professional take your photo.


Staff regulations

You will want to hire a photo booth service to ensure the staff temperatures are checked, and any symptoms are ruled out. Similarly, you might want to hire a photobooth company that checks guests' temperatures before entering the photo booth.



Overall, at Sydney Photo Booth hire, we ensure all the photo booths we provide at events abide by COVID-19 rules and ensure none of your guests are at risk. All the photo booths we provide are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before and after use. Plus, we make sure our staff undergo training and follow the latest industry hygiene standards.