The importance of photobooths for corporate events

2020 20 October

When was the last time you attended a corporate event in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia?

Was it last year, in the past 6 months or even last weekend?

Whenever it was, all of us at Sydney Photo Booths 4u would love you to look back at the memories you had at the corporate event.

We’d love you to explore the best parts of the event and what could have been done better.

Even though we didn’t attend your corporate event, we know that some circumstances can be tedious. Sometimes the only great thing about corporate events can be the free bar or the schmoozing you get to do with new people.

Otherwise, if you attend them regularly, they can become a bit mundane. That’s why we feel if you should choose to host one, you should have a photo booth there. If you’re not planning on hosting one but your boss is, you should definitely persuade them to hire one.

If you’re not convinced why a photo booth will take your corporate event to the next level, read on, we’re ready to change your mind.

Why photo booths are important at corporate events
We wouldn’t just leave you hanging when it comes to persuading your boss on getting a photo booth. In fact, we have many reasons why they’re great which you can present to them in your proposal which are:

1. It increases the chance of networking
Corporate events don’t always have to be strictly limited to your company. There are many corporate events with cool individuals lingering full of stories to share and bonds to be formed. In fact, corporate events with people from different organisations and backgrounds can often be the best ones. Sometimes though, it’s just a tad challenging to break the ice.

If you have a photo booth, many people will want to queue up and get a photo. A long line allows people to have ample opportunity while they wait to talk to others. This serves as a great moment for people to become familiar with each other and chat about business, life and more.

2. Photo Booths preserve memories and are a souvenir of the event
When people attend corporate events, they will often be looking for something free to take home. Whether it’s some corporate merchandise, a gift bag or even some food from the event, they often look for something for a keepsake.

One fantastic way and affordable way of doing this is by giving them a photo. Photobooths will provide them with free photos to take home and are a lot cheaper than gift bags! Similarly, they help document memories of the night for people to look back on.

3. It can work as a way to market your company
If you’re hosting a corporate event, think about the purpose of it. Are you hosting it for your team, or is there a bigger purpose behind it, like promoting your brand or service to the market? If you have a new product launching or service, photo booths can be a great way to tie in with the theme.

You can customise backdrops, props, filters and more to coincide with the theme of your event. This can add a little more spark to your event, causing people to get talking—especially when the photo booth is digital, and guests can receive their photos to their phone within minutes.

As soon as they have cool and quirky photos, they can upload them to social media, and it serves as a free and effective way to market your company.

4. A photo booth will add more diversity to events
If you’re a regular attendee of corporate events, you’ll know that sometimes they do become boring. No matter who’s hosting, the location it’s at, or the people there, they can start to look similar. There’s the buffet, the bar, band and speeches.

Don’t get us wrong, some event hosts really go out there way and have various activities to do, and these are often the BEST ones. A photo booth at a corporate event will add more flair and personality, giving the guests extra time to participate.

5. It can bring out more fun
When you choose to have a photo booth at your corporate event, there are so many options you can choose from. There’s black and white photobooths, coloured ones, sepia, digital and even ones where you can superimpose yourself in front of a green screen. Now that’s memorable!

6. The atmosphere can change
When you have a company outing with the same people, just in a different environment, it can often be challenging to change the atmosphere from the office.

Sometimes people want to talk about work; they may still be stressed and feel uptight surrounded by their co-workers and superiors. Not only will a photobooth help break the ice, but it will help people get into the right mindset wanting to have fun as opposed to staying in work mode.

7. It can boost morale in the workplace
Also, if you’re the one throwing the event and having a bunch of employees at it, it will help boost morale. We mean by this, they will always have something to look back on and talk about with fond memories.

Similarly, in any organisation, sometimes staff may feel like they’re just a number. If you go out of your way and make the effort of getting a photo booth, your employees will feel cared about. They will be able to see you’re thinking about them and that you care about them having fun.

8. You can make money
Usually, most corporate events tend to have many services sponsored, like the food, bar and events surrounding it. However, sometimes, you can get away with charging.

Especially if you’re using an old school photo booth, you can maybe charge a couple of dollars for each photo. Guests most of the time are will to do this, as it’s not an expensive fee, and it’s fun to get a keepsake. Who knows, if you have many guests and charge, you may end up making a profit?

Final thoughts

Overall, photo booths are great to have at any corporate event. They can act as an icebreaker, a chance to network and set your event apart from other corporate ones. Photobooths are a fantastic way to change the atmosphere, giving people a sense of familiarity and allowing them to ditch their work mindset and have fun.